SAF-TESO is an Indigenous Non-Profit NGO registered in the Republic of Uganda since 2009, dedicated to improving the human rights, social and economic wellbeing, and health of Ugandans. It possesses the UNCCD International Accreditation and the United Nations ECOSOC consultative status, and works to enhance and contribute to the three Rio Conventions on Biodiversity, Climate Change and Desertification.

SAF-TESO is also contributing to several agenda items of the UNFCCC COP28, especially Food Systems and Sustainable Agriculture, Loss and Damage, and Global Action on Adaptation. Moreover, the organization aims to support the African Union Strategy for Climate Resilience and Development, with emphasis on production towards an agro ecological transition to reduce GHG emissions.

On June 11, 2023, SAF-TESO was officially accepted by the Open Dialogues International Foundation as a national team and granted permission to perform activities in Uganda as part of the Open Dialogues on Climate Change Project. The organization is also a member of the Global Landscape Forum (GLFx) and Global Networks of Civil Society Organisations for Disaster Reduction (GNDR) for Climate Change Resilience, Climate Change Education, Research, Advocacy and Sustainable Development.

SAF-TESO is coordinating all health, environmental, and human rights CSOs in North-Eastern parts of Uganda, specifically in the Teso and Karamoja Sub-Regions. It strives to build collective efforts through its member organizations to combat and prevent the climate change crisis, HIV, TB, malaria, and other STIs.

Our strategies focus on strengthening collaboration, promoting creativity and innovation, research, and community building in the SAF-TESO’s areas of operation. This way we can gain a strong voice in advocacy for ending AIDS, TB, malnutrition, food insecurity, food systems waste and loss, and the climate crisis in Uganda by 2030.

Saf - Teso Core Values and Philosophy

Our core values define what is important to us and guide the way we conduct business. We are committed to promoting and maintaining best practices in our everyday operations and we expect the highest standards of conduct from all staff, whether based at the office or field.


We are committed to achieving change for the most vulnerable and less privileged people and groups.


We embrace equity, diversity and inclusion. We listen to and learn from each other. We are respectful and appreciative. We have a climate of openness and trust.


We seek new solutions to problems. We embrace healthy risk-taking. We are willing to think and act "outside the box". We invest in learning. We are ambitious, open and curious. We make small things turn Big!


We are honest and transparent. We deliver on our promises. We aim to respect the environment and planetary boundaries. We recognize both our strengths and our limitations, and we learn from our mistakes


We work together as ONE SAF-TESO. We care about each other. We are good allies. We invest in relationships


Amuge Grace


Apio haron

Program Officer
Health and HTTS focal point

Micheal Anguria

Chief Executive Officer

Okwalinga Isaac

Health Trainer Manager

Omwola Jacob

Advocacy officer

Auma Jane

Project Officer Nutrition

Imede Evelyne

Program Coordinator

Aguti Janet Mary

Youth Champion Leader

Our Programmes

Annual reports

2016-2017 Report

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Annual Report 2016-2017
Annual Report 2018

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Annual Report 2018
Covid 19 project report

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covid 19 project report
Annual Report 2020

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Annual Report 2020

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Annual Report 2020
SAF-Teso quartely activity report july to september 2021

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Annual Report 2020

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Annual Report 2020

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Annual Report 2020

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Annual Report 2020


The Diversity Of Our Work

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  • Covid Relief
  • Human Rights and Social Justice
  • Public Health


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